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Yoga has never been easy for me, but Sharon keeps me coming back.  She has wonderful assists and pointers for bodies like mine that don’t easily bend.  Her classes flow beautifully, and her calm, confident presence is wonderful! – Jody Argote, Owner Parlez Vous Crepe/Level 1-2 Class

I had the good fortune of meeting Sharon at a time when I was having pain and limited movement from arthritis. I had never tried yoga, but Sharon put me through a series of “rehabilitative” moves, very gentle and progressive. After a few weeks, I was able to do a full class and climb stairs without pain! Her loving, kind, patient approach continues to make a positive difference in my life. What an angel! — Rev. Anita Frost-Lindenblad, PhD, ANP-BC, Gainesville, Florida/Gentle Class

Sharon has a talent for helping people on their own level. She has a real feel for yoga and passes it on with an understanding of its art and action. She is a talented teacher! —-Gay Atkinson, Resident, The Forest at Duke

I have only been once to Sharon’s Silent Yoga Class, but I loved it! Felt more spiritually connected in the silence and it made it easier to hear my own body. –Aimee, DCFL Silent Class/Level 1-2 Class, 2013

We so appreciate your energy, love for yoga and other people. Thanks for joining us at The Forest at Duke for the past three months. –Becky Binney, Fitness Director, 2012

The Silent Class is a profound practice and a wonderful opening to letting go…yes, yes, yes!! —Jody, DCFL Silent Class/Level 1-2

We all need more silence in our lives…thanks for leading Silent Yoga…it is great! –Jean, DCFL Class, Nov. 2014

Why did I have to wait until I was 85 yrs old to learn about mindfulness….it is really great for relaxing! –Mary, Chair Yoga Class/The Forest at Duke/Dec. 2014

Today I came to yoga with a pain I had been having for three days. It was in the area of the sciatic nerve in my right pelvic area. I must have tightened the muscles enough around the nerve to irritate it by doing something but I don’t know what. I had been icing the area frequently with some relief but the pain kept returning. Tonight I don’t feel the pain and have not taken any medications. I think the restorative yoga helped me to relax those muscles and reduce any inflammation that was there.  Restorative Yoga is truly restorative and I wanted you to know about my first experience with this kind of yoga. Thank you Sharon! –Gretchen, Student at ERUUF Classes, Restorative Yoga Class

She is knowledgeable about yoga practice, sensitive to the needs and abilities of her students, very articulate in her explanations while being a careful observer of her student’s movements and practices. In addition, she is a very warm person with a good sense of humor!  –Margaret & Tom Keller, The Forest at Duke

I am now conscious of how I tighten and raise my shoulders up to my ears.  I have carried so much tension there for so many years!  –Gail, Galloway Ridge, Chair Yoga

Sharon Cournoyer is an excellent Yoga Instructor.  She started at The Forest At Duke Retirement Center about 3 months ago.  She is clear and concise in her instructions. As I exercised following her leads, I felt relaxed and invigorated. While recuperating from neck surgery and still wearing a support brace, I returned to Sharon’s class. And, once again, I found her leadership allowed me to lessen my attention to my aches and weaknesses in my arms and hands due to the operation. I highly recommend Sharon as a skilled instructor and a gentle person who leads and provides individual attention as the hour progresses.  I am delighted with the results, and I promise anyone who receives her gentle care and concern will enjoy the same results. — Lee C. Murphy, Ed.D.

Your class has definitely helped me sleep better. I enjoy the talks about quieting the mind and following the breath. —FrankChair Yoga Class

I always feel better after class than when I arrived at class…thanks Sharon!  –Matthew, DCFL student/Dec. 2014

This class has taught me the most important thing…how to be aware in this moment and listen to my body! –Joanne, DCFL Level 1/ Dec. 2014


Sharon has brought such an amazing gift to our school. Her work with students has changed resistant and fearful children into dedicated learners. Sharon’s ability to meet each child where they are, honor their unique learning style, and make them feel comfortable in their bodies has transformed their perspectives about yoga and themselves. I am grateful that while building a sense of efficacy, tenacity and a life long stress reduction skill, she has also helped students find themselves. Sharon has taught us that with the right teacher, a yogi can be found in many different packages. —Beth Kuhlinski, Director, Jordan Lake School of the Arts, Apex, NC

She LOVES yoga! She had weekly yoga at her previous school she attended before JLSA. But, she did not fall in love with yoga until you!  –Mother of student at JLSA, Feb. 2015

When are you coming back to India? All the children miss you, because they liked your yoga classes so much!  –Gajaraj, Rajasthan, India, Feb. 2015

My son, Lance, started taking yoga from Sharon at his school and absolutely loves it. He is a high energy kid and yoga really helps him to relax and relieve anxiety. It is his favorite extra-curricular class at school! –Heather, 2014

My mother wanted me to do my math homework as soon as I came home for school. I told her that I first had to do Sivasana (relaxation yoga pose), and I wanted her to it with me! — Student, Jordan Lake School of the Arts, Nov. 2014

I have never felt this relaxed in my whole life!  (after doing quiet relaxation at the end of class). –Student, Jordan Lake School of the Arts

We have had nothing but positive, complimentary feedback about your class. The kids all loved you! Would you please email some info about the class you are offering to the students? I’d like to spread the word to our group! Thanks! –Kathy, JLSA, Feb. 2011

Thank you again for a great yoga session last Saturday, Nathan & I both really enjoyed it!  You & Gunes have been blessed with a wonderful talent instructing yoga to those with special needs.  And thank you for sending the picture of Nathan and me, it turned out great and is a wonderful memory of first yoga class together!  –Karen, North Raleigh, Nov. 2011

I follow my breath when my younger brother starts bugging me! –Student, Jordan Lake School of the Arts

Can we have 30 minutes of Savasana (relaxation pose) today? –Student, Jordan Lake School of the Arts


Holding on to the retreat experience means activating my memories of that serene and wonderful time spent together with people who clicked and formed an immediate bond.  From the first evening till the end, we had wonderful discussions, often sitting in a circle, sometimes positioned just as we settled in the cozy living room.  It didn’t much matter how serious we were.  There were times of great big belly laughter and how can one beat that?  The setting was exquisite.  Sometimes the ocean was rough and exciting, but at all times beautiful. Yoga, meditation and journaling were the basis of the week-end, but it was much much more.  The memories need to be refreshed by having a repeat. Namaste! — Renée, 2012 Ocean Retreat

The Yoma Yoga Retreat on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean was a wonderful time away from the routines of life. I loved the yoga… relaxation…group sharing…conversation at mealtimes…all in a beautiful setting.  Thank you, Sharon. — Linda Baugh. 2012

What I learned this weekend is that each us has a spark of the eternal that our ego has carefully hidden. Yoga and meditation are pathways to illuminate that spark and connect us to what is inside. –Horace, 2013 Yoga Ocean Retreat

I had the most wonderful experience over Memorial weekend 2012 attending a Yoga Yoma retreat at the North Carolina beach. Our group facilitator and yoga instructor, Sharon Cournoyer was extraordinary.  She created an environment of peace and easy living for all of us.  We had planned activities for those who wanted them and lots of free time to explore our outer and inner world. I would highly recommend Sharon for both individual yoga work as well as future retreat experiences. — Karen Monaco, 2012


I so enjoyed your workshop! Thank you for your gentle assists – physically and psychologically. —Marcia, Mindful Yoga and Foot Soaking Workshop, 2011

On behalf of all the the WomenCircle, a hearty thank you for the wonderful program you provided for us. The herbal foot baths were luxurious, and quite a treat in the dark of winter when our skin is so dried out. The massages were a great thing to learn how to do for ourselves. I really appreciated the yoga Sharon to get us flexible. You cleverly adjusted the yoga to the large group and limited space. That was a real sign of flexibility. And of course we all really loved the chocolates as the perfect evening night cap. So thank you so much. I look forward to seeing both of you participate with us through the year in other programs, and hopefully you will be willing to provide another wonderful program next year. –Joann Haggerty/ Jan. 2011

It was a very special retreat. You two make a great team! Sharon, you set the tone so that we knew we were in “non-ordinary” time with things so beautiful and peaceful. The readings you chose helped us go inward, and I liked your rhythm. We never felt rushed or hurried. Carol, your warmth and delicious food made us feel very pampered and nurtured. –Molly Brown, Women’s Day Retreat 2014, Nurturing Yourself into The New Year

I just wanted to thank you again for such a lovely day yesterday. It was perfect in every way and my biggest compliment…I could do the whole thing over again! You both put a lot of work in it to make it special and it WAS. Thank you so much. Blessings. –Pam, Women’s Day Retreat 2014, Nurturing Yourself into The New Year

As soon as I got Sharon’s  e-mail I signed up to attend her New Year Day Retreat for Women on January 18th at the New Hope Conference Center. I had taken previous yoga classes with Sharon and attended one of her Yoma Yoga retreats last year. Sharon is an excellent yoga instructor. She guides a person through the various postures explaining how to do them and offers different ways to do a posture saying do only what you are able to do without any pain adding there is no competition here.  Yesterday at the retreat women young and old like me came together to practice yoga and participate in other activities after a delicious, hand made, gourmet lunch prepared by Carol Genovese, the Yogini Chef. I walked with a group on a trail through the woods to a beautiful labyrinth. The path of the labyrinth was laid with recycled crushed, colored glass outlined with white rocks. The brilliant sunshine shone down on the path of glass making it sparkle as I walked along in silent mediation on that cold, clear day. For me it was a spiritual experience. Later there was time for me to have fun trying my hand at doing a Zen Tangle drawing. Something I have been wanting to do. The retreat was a joy filled day for me. The retreat gave me a time to nurture myself. I felt my stress, which I wasn’t aware I had, decreasing and my up-tight shoulders dropping as I began relaxing. I highly recommend attending one of Sharon’s retreats. —Gretchen, Women’s Day Retreat 2014, Nurturing Yourself into the New Year.


Sharon has generously donated her time to attend Adult Retreat weekends and a Family Fun Day at Camp Royall, Autism Society of NC, to teach yoga to our participants. All of our participants have autism, ranging in their level of ability and of all ages. I have really appreciated Sharon’s capacity to adapt her program to the needs and level of the group, all while making it fun and interactive. I think yoga is extremely beneficial for our participants with autism, teaching relaxation, body awareness, fitness and to reduce anxiety. I have received a lot of really positive feedback from our Adult Retreat participants who have loved the yoga classes and look forward to Sharon’s next class.
Lesley Fraser, Camp Royall Assistant Program Director

Sharon’s classes are really a lot of fun to be in. The stretches are not difficult and even someone doing yoga for the first time can do them. There is also a nice relaxation period towards the end of her classes. The relaxation periods are great, especially if you had a lot on your mind that day. I would highly recommend taking one of her classes!
Kaitlin, Camp Royall Weekend Camper

Thanks for offering to lead a children’s yoga class at our annual fundraiser. The kids had so much fun being trees, gorillas and warriors! –Kay, 2012