Outdoor Classes

                 Classes to start soon at outdoor covered pavilion!

These classes will be offered on a donation basis:

Donation-Based Yoga means giving something of value in a quantity you are able and
that reflects the benefits you recive from your class time, so we can all support one
another. Those with more ability to pay offer more while those with less ability to pay
offer less. Our hope is that more people can experience yoga without the financial
concern. By deepening the experience and practice of yoga, and by sharing yoga as
fully as possible with people of all ages and abilities, we are honoring our commitment
to ourselves, our teachers and our students. A suggested donation range is $10-$20 per class. Please simply give what you can.

Cost should never prevent anyone from coming and no one is turned away for financial reasons.

Forms of payment if want to make a donation:

*Paypal to my personal account


*Check or cash to be paid on day of class at the Pavilion. Donation jar available at entry to Pavilion. Can make a donation for each class separately or a month at a time.